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Taiko Workshop

A GIG Workshop allows participants to experience the joy of group drumming and have a wonderful learning day. Participants learn to play drums instantly, make new friends, build team spirit and even improve parent-child relationships. It is a great opportunity to expand your social network!

Or if you want unforgettable, amazing activities for some special occasions like festivals, you are also welcome!


Workshops run for 120-150 minutes, and the program is customized according to the profile of the participants to have them fully indulged in an enjoyable atmosphere. Participants may acquire an extraordinary musical experience – from mastering rhythms, to synchronizing bodily motions, and become the Master of Taiko!

The content includes lots of drumming, with warm up exercises, an introduction to basic techniques, simple musical exercises and the opportunity to learn traditional or modern Taiko “songs”, which is definitely a refreshing experience!

2020 Gekko New Logo_GEKKO_Logo only.png
2020 Gekko New Logo_GEKKO_Logo only.png
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