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Rental & Sale

Instruments for Sale/Renting

Japanese Taiko, Korean Drum, Chinese Drum…Drum sized from XS to XXXL,  there are still numerous kinds of instruments available for occasions such as display, kick-off, workshop and performances. Lighten up your event with these cool instruments!

Instruments Ordering Service

Our partnership network span across the world from China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, to United States of America. We could assist you in ordering instruments from these partners, and we could examine and ensure the quality of the items based on our expertise.

Furthermore, we have been partnering with drum factories in which it enables you to have your own custom-made drum!

Regarding Japanese Taiko Purchase, we highly recommend the renowned Taiko Shop in Japan - Miura Taikoten. They provide superb quality instruments which are well-known worldwide. For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2020 Gekko New Logo_GEKKO_Logo only.png
2020 Gekko New Logo_GEKKO_Logo only.png
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