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Team Building

Why Taiko Teambuilding?

Getting bored of outdoor teambuilding activities? Need new ideas to boost team morale? The first Taiko Teambuilding Workshop ever appeared in Hong Kong is what you need! No musical experience is needed!

Taiko Drumming is a truly unique and excellent way to experience the power of teamwork. Imagine yourself alongside your colleagues, heart pounding by the vibration of the drum sound, sweat dripping from your brow as you drum together in perfect unison and create a fascinating harmony.

Program Content

Basic technique and rhythms are combined to form a music piece, and your team will be able to performs a unique Taiko piece within short time. As a result, it will show your team what seemingly impossible results they can achieve within limited time, with a little bit of discipline, awareness and cooperation.

For those who are totally new to taiko, it will be physically and mentally demanding and highly challenging on all levels which motivate them to become a better self and team. Our program will also consist collaborative tasks and games utilizing taiko, to preserve the enjoyable atmosphere throughout the workshop hours.

Program Arrangement
  • 2-3 Hours Workshop

  • Onsite (BGD Studio) or Offsite Venue (Max. 40 Capacity at BGD Studio)

  • Provision of Musical Instrument and equipment

  • Photography, Video Recording and Editing (Available on Request) 

  • Customizable to meet your organization's specific needs and goals

  • Fun, high-impact and energetic!

  • Hong Kong’s First Taiko Teambuilding Workshop, refreshing experience!

  • Stress-free atmosphere

  • No musical talent needed, just the power of teamwork!

  • As a team (Social)

    • Through Unison Drumming

      • Unify and amplify team energy

      • Improve team’s tacit coordination

      • Enhance team’s motivation by facing new challenges

      • Increase team’s productivity and flexibility

    • Through Drumming Ensemble

      • Cultivates the feeling of togetherness

      • Improve communication

      • Boost team morale

      • Identify common goal(s)

      • Facilitate mutual respect and support

  • As an Individual

    • Improve physical condition

    • Train bodily coordination

    • Enhance self-confidence

    • Refining self-concept

    • Alleviate Stress 

TeamBuilding Workshop
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2020 Gekko New Logo_GEKKO_Logo only.png
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